Dieter Rauer managed to become a millionaire with Lavylites in only three years

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When Dieter Rauer started out in April 2014 with Lavylites, the network marketing company founded by Tibor Jakabovics in Hungary, he was standing at zero. Three years later, he has realised his personal American Dream from small self-employed to millionaire. Today, the MLM professional in his career position as LitePro earns between 75,000 and 100,000 euros a month, making him the company’s top earner.


An impressive aha-expirience caused a new start in the network


„My first engagement in network marketing was in the late 1990s,“ says Dieter Rauer about his career. „I learned to be a carpenter. I financed my engineering studies as a roadie in a band. Before I made my „MLM restart“ with Lavylites, I was self-employed in the field of renewable energies.
The balance at the end of that self-employment would have caused a lot of people to resign. An ancient Audi 80 was all the entrepreneur had left: „I got to know Lavylites at exactly the right time. The product gave me such a strong „aha“ experience that I scraped together the last small reserves to be able to start here.“



Unqestioned number one in Lavylites


At the age of 49, the engineer wanted to show what happens when his own „why“ is big enough. „A vision can quickly take you anywhere, and after just a few months I was already earning five-figure
monthly commissions,“ he says proudly. „Today there are about 40,000 partners in my team, 110 of whom I have personally sponsored.“
Around 25 of these frontlines and numerous other partners have grown into managers: „I myself have been the unquestioned number one in Lavylites for some time now and have earned over three million euros in the last six years. In addition, there are new friendships, personal growth, lightness, incentive travel and time freedom“.


Working when, where, how much and with whomever you want


For Dieter Rauer, gender, education, skin colour, religion or age play no role: „What is important is the why, thinking big, authenticity, perseverance, focus and, if possible, inclusion of the life partner. Copy the successful – why reinvent the wheel?“

Lavylites adds exclusivity, instant effects and perfect timing. „After all, America and Asia will soon be developed from Europe,“ „Our consumer products for humans, animals and plants also meet an immense growth potential there.“



Duplicate working method to newcomers


Even in the context of this expansion, the top leader prefers to work intensively with just a few partners: „This is the only way to duplicate my approach to newcomers. In addition, there is my

heart project ‚Young Generation – Futuring You‘, with which I want to inspire young people and thus make them enthusiastic about our fantastic industry.
Anyone seeking intensive support will be accompanied by Dieter Rauer until he/she works independently. „I provide support both on site and online,“ he concludes. „The better I train, the better my partners train. This also includes treating everyone equally. Because only in this way can a stable team and personal relationships develop.“ (FW)

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